Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 2

The fast paced action that was promised has begun! Euron the crazy pirate appears to be a worthy adversary for the time being. Now, Power Rankings:

1. House Stark (Last Week, #3)

Who makes it to Winterfell first, Arya or Bran? Meanwhile, Sansa gets what she wants, and Jon pays a visit to his Aunt. Throw in a couple of impromptu reunions, and it was a strong week for the North.

2. The White Walkers (Last Week, #2)

The Night King hasn't made his move yet, so I can't move him up. He still has dead giants, so I can't move him down either.

3. House Lannister (Last Week, #4)

It didn't take long, and Cersei has righted the ship. Euron is a powerful ally, Tarley is at least thinking about Jaime's offer, and they have a rudimentary air defense. A few valuable hostages helps too.

4. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #6)

It's good to be the king, even if you're the king of bird poop covered rocks. Props to finally getting rid of some of the show's poorer adaptations too.

5. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Daenerys has lost the element of surprise, a good number of ships, and possibly Dorne. Plus I'm convinced she won't believe Jon when he tells her about the Night King. This invasion will be harder than she thinks.

6. The Brotherhood (Last Week, #5)

In the Game of Thrones Power Rankings, you appear in the episode or you drop.

7. The Night's Watch (Last Week, #8)

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the wall. I am the scalpel that cuts the gross infection off your body.

8. House Arryn (Last Week, #7)

This was a bad week for the assorted allies. Not awful for the Vale though, since Sansa appears to be more popular with them than Jon. They stay on the rankings for now.

Also receiving votes: House Martell, House Tyrell, Hot Pie, Nymeria, Ser Pounce, icky scene transitions, and the unintentional humor of Theon peacing out.

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Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season 7, Episode 1

And we’re back!  After over a year we finally have some new Game of Thrones to discuss. Let’s jump right into the power rankings:

1. House Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons has made it all the way to Dragonstone. For now she has a massive coalition ready to burn cities to the ground. This would be great if only there weren’t a zombie horde waiting to pounce up north.

2. The White Walkers

They’re still coming. With zombie giants. At least Jon has the North convinced that they’re real. 

3. House Stark

I think Sansa underestimated the effectiveness of good cop/bad cop. Does she really think those kids will cross Jon when his sister/cousin has made it clear she’d rather sell of their homes and exile/hang them?  It’s clear people get second chances with Jon. No one gets a third with Sansa around. Meanwhile, Bran and Arya are still out there. Arya has a mission and skills granted, but she’s heading in the wrong direction.

4. House Lannister

Jaime is right, they don’t look like the winning side. Where does he go when his sister ultimately fails?

5. Brotherhood Without Banners

How long has the Hound had the ability to see into the flames? He’s been scared of fire all his life so we may never know.

6. House Greyjoy

You may have as many ships as Daenerys, Crow’s Eye, but she has three dragons and last I checked your ships are made of wood.

7. Houses Arryn, Tyrell, & Martell

Hitching your wagon to a bigger horse is a good strategy, but for these houses it’s an imperfect solution. What happens when Littlefinger turns on Jon or the Sand flakes turn on Tyrion?  House Tyrell is a better bet to stay in its coalition, but they’re vulnerable to Crow’s Eye hitting them from the west.

8. The Night’s Watch

Bowls for poop, bowls for soup, either way we don’t have time for Sam’s training montage and neither does he. The faster he gets out of the Citadel the better.

Also receiving votes: Essos, Ser Jorah, Ser Pounce, big maps on floors and tables, snappier banter, poisoned wine, the obsidian throne, and maybe our last “table setting” episode.

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Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Ten, “The Winds of Winter”

Well, that escalated quickly.  Although in Daenerys’ case, it escalated extremely, extremely slowly.  In any event we end the season with four bases of power in Westeros – Targaryen in the South, Stark in the North, Lannister in between, the Night’s King lurking beyond the wall.  Let’s see how this affects our final power rankings for the season:


1. House Stark (Last Week, #2)

For a while, George R.R. Martin’s working title for the upcoming “The Winds of Winter” was “A Time for Wolves.”  We’re starting to see why. We also get confirmation that Jon is indeed NOT the illegitimate son of Ned Stark but the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.  He may, or may not be legitimate after all, but with only one and a half Targaryens left in the world, it may not matter.  Additional props to Arya for ridding us of the disgusting Walder Frey.  They may not have dragons, but they finish the season on top.


2. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Daenerys seems to have everything in place – if this were a year ago. Winter is here, and there’s a good question about how her Dothraki and dragons will fare in cold weather.  She needs to move quickly if she’s going to be in a helpful position when the real war comes.


3. House Lannister (Last Week, #7)

When you murder most of your enemies in one day, you move up the Power Rankings.  The scariest part is that, even though her tactics evoke memories of the Mad King, Cersei isn’t crazy – she just doesn’t care anymore.


4. House Arryn (Last Week, #3)

The Knights of the Vale were in the room when Jon was proclaimed King of the North.  However, there remains the uncomfortable questions of Littlefinger’s hold on Robin Arryn and the influence he might have on Sansa.  Tread lightly, Jon Snow.


5. House Martell (Last Week, NR)

The Martells have been wisely patient this season.  I thought one of the Sand Snakes was going to whack Tommen, but instead they returned home and made alliances.  Not bad for a season’s work.


6. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #4)

Yara and Theon have also made some good decisions this season.  What drops the Ironborn in the rankings is their crazy uncle.  He’s the ultimate wildcard, and it’s unclear what his next move is now that he won’t be marrying Daenerys any time soon.

The Others

7. The Others/White Walkers (Last Week, NR)

The Wall remains standing.  For now.


8. House Tyrell (Last Week, NR)

The Sparrows are dead and gone, and so is most of House Tyrell. The key word here is “most of.”  The Queen of Thorns has nothing to lose, and that makes her dangerous.  Although, I’d like to point out that Sam’s visit to The Reach showed that her bannermen are hardly ready for any war, much less a war against the dead.

Also Receiving Votes: Lyanna Mormont, Ser Pounce, The Hound, Fast Travel, Meera Dragging Bran Around Again, and Ten Months of Waiting.

(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe


(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Nine, “Battle of the Bastards”

It’s clear to me that in order to make eight seasons of television satisfying, to say nothing of 8,000 pages of fantasy novels, Game of Thrones is going to have to become somewhat more predictable going forward.  But if the show sacrifices its trademark unpredictability for satisfying conclusions like last night’s, I’m all for it.  Anyway, Power Rankings:

1. House Targaryen (Last Week, #2)

Daenerys’ win this week is more decisive than the Stark win, so she gets to claim the top spot for the week.  Her army is completely intact and her enemies have unconditionally surrendered.  Additionally, her leadership team is united behind her.  She’s working especially well with Tyrion, so I’ll be retiring the “House Lannister in Exile” banner from here on out (the Meereenese banner is done too, since they’ve been soundly defeated).


2. House Stark (Last Week, #6)

Victory for the Starks was the focus of this episode, but they paid a much heavier price than Daenerys.  Jon and Sansa failed to communicate with each other, and between that and Jon being Jon (riding out front in a futile attempt to save Rickon meant a mis-timed assault from his troops), they almost lost the battle.  Winterfell is back in Stark hands for the first time since Season 2, but Jon and Sansa’s partnership is still very much a work in progress.


3. House Arryn (Last Week, NR)

I’m tempted to merge the Knights of the Vale with the Starks, but I have good reason to be hesitant.  A reasonable interpretation of  events would be that Littlefinger and Sansa are even now – he left her with a monster, but then gave her an army when she needed it most.  Littlefinger won’t see it that way.


4. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #4)

Sealing a new alliance with a powerful queen is good.  Still having to deal with your crazy uncle?  Not so much.


5. The Faith of the Seven (Last Week, #1)

Control of the actual Iron Throne is feeling less and less important these days.  It will be completely irrelevant once the White Walkers invade.

The Free Folk

6. The Free Folk (Last Week, NR)

I’m going to retire the Free Folk banner this week too, since there’s no reason to keep it separate from House Stark anymore.  I thought I’d bring it out one more time as tribute to Wun Wun’s bravery and sacrifice during this week’s battle.


7. House Lannister (Last Week, #8)

What’s Jaime’s next move?  Is he heading North in response to Jon/Sansa’s victory?  Or is he heading back to King’s Landing?  I guess we’ll find out next week.


8. House Bolton (Last Week, #5)

Finally, someone dies in horrific fashion who actually deserves it for a change.

Also receiving votes: The Meereenese, House Tyrell, House Martell, House Tully, The Faceless Men, The White Walkers, The Hound, Ser Pounce, LeBron James, and Ghost Hanging Out in His Kennel Apparently.


(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Eight, “No One”


It seems a little late in the game for yet another table setting episode, yet here we are.  I’m not sure what the show’s writers have in mind for Jaime’s storyline or the Hound’s, but the pieces are squarely in place for action in Meereen, King’s Landing, and Winterfell over the next two weeks.  Let’s get into the Power Rankings:


1. The Faith of the Seven/Sparrows/Faith Militant (Last Week #1)

Check and mate, Cersei.  For the third week in a row, the High Sparrow has outgunned and outmaneuvered everyone else in King’s Landing.  He’s even cancelled the highly anticipated “Clegane Bowl.”  For those of you not keeping track, this was a widely held fan theory that The Hound would fight the undead Mountain in Cersei’s trial by combat.

2. House Targaryen/House Lannister in Exile (Last Week, #2/NR)

I hope Daenerys isn’t too hard on Tyrion.  If it weren’t for his, albeit temporary, armistice, Meereen would have been put to the sword a while ago.  After all, it takes time to fly north, get kidnapped, escape, and recruit a giant army.  Who else was going to keep the city intact, the charismatic Grey Worm?


3. The Meereenese (Last Week, NR)

Even so, things aren’t looking great for Daenerys.  It wasn’t established this week how far ahead of her army she’s flown.  Also, heavy cavalry aren’t very effective at urban warfare.  If I were her, my play would be to lure the Masters’ army onto the beach and flank them with the Dothraki while the dragons burn their ships behind them.


4. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #4)

Then, once the Masters’ fleet is a smoldering ruin, Daenerys still needs ships.  Fortunately, unbeknownst to her, there is a large fleet already heading her way to lend her a hand.  Isn’t it great that the world on the show is so much smaller than the world in the books?


5. House Bolton (Last Week, #6)

The Bolton’s are still holding steady, and at least we’ve been spared another pointless reminder of Ramsay’s cruelty for another week (I know that I keep saying that, but who disagrees?).  Let’s all hope Jon scores a major come from behind victory next week.  While that seems kind of inevitable, at least we’re due a badass fight episode.


6. House Stark (Last Week, #7)

A girl is Arya Stark, and she is coming to vanquish her enemies.  That is, unless her enemies do the vanquishing before she gets there.  It’s not looking great for Jon and Sansa’s army, since it seems that if they do win, it’ll be with Littlefinger’s help.  And being in Littlefinger’s debt? Yikes.

The Hound

7. The Hound (Last Week, #5)

Revenge is great, but what to do after?  Well I guess you can feel safe hanging out with a guy you’ve already killed once and his band of merry men.


8. House Lannister (Last Week, #8)

Jaime’s anti-climatic victory at least gave us some fun Bronn/Pod interaction.  Otherwise, why exactly did we just spend the last two episodes in the bloody Riverlands?  Maybe just to get Jaime away from Cersei, who at this point is out of options.  Unless she decides to just torch the place.  It’s not like there’s a cache of wildfire underneath King’s Landing that only she knows about or anything….

Also receiving votes: House Tully, House Martell, The Night’s Watch, the Free Folk, The Faceless Men, House Arryn, House Tyrell, the White Walkers, Ser Pounce, Lyanna Mormont, Pod’s Magic Rod, the Ancient Custom of Parlay, Tyrion at the Improv, Leaving Las Braavos, and Absolutely No One Missing Dorne or the Miscast Sand-Snakes.

(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Seven, “The Broken Man”


Moving right along with week seven, in which we had a rare Game of Thrones cold open.  I’m not sure how important The Hound is to the narrative, but with the special treatment his return got this week, I would bet that he’ll be very integral to the show going forward.  Anyway, Power Rankings:


1. The Faith of the Seven/Faith Militant/Sparrows (Last Week, #1)

No changes here this week.  I don’t know what Margaery has up her sleeve, but so far it hasn’t been anything other than manipulate and survive.  Something has to give, and soon.  With only three episodes left this season I can’t imagine this plotline stretching out another year.


2. House Targaryen (Last Week, #2)

Second place holds steady for another week too.  Yes, I know Daenerys and her crew were absent this week, but that’s what happens when you have three dragons and a ton of barbarians at your command.


3. House Tully (Last Week, #3)

As foretold last week, the Blackfish could care less about his nephew.  When asked to choose between his house and his dumb nephew, his house wins.  What do you think he is, a Stark?


4. House Greyjoy (Last Week, NR)

Anyone who throws in their lot with the Mother of Dragons moves up the Power Rankings.  Especially when you have exactly what she needs at the right moment.  Things never work out so neatly on Planetos, but despite the inevitable, horrifying plot twist, a good idea is a good idea.

The Hound

5. The Hound (Last Week, NR)

Free agents, especially those with Sandor Clegane’s skill set, are a fine asset in Westeros.  It’ll be fun to see where his path leads now that he’s back in the game.


6. House Bolton (Last Week, #7)

The show has finally given us a break from endless displays of Bolton cruelty, which stretch back to Season 3.  Unfortunately, Ramsay and his allies are in a better position than the “good guys.”



7. House Stark (Last Week, #4)

Ice cold ten-year olds aside, the coalition building project is not going as planned.  Bringing Littlefinger in may be necessary, but it won’t be without consequence.  Meanwhile, in Braavos, how is Arya going to get out of this one?


8. House Lannister (Last Week, #8)

Cersei can’t win anymore.  She can take everything down with her though.  There is a mad-king type of fire in her eyes that screams “Burn them all!”

Also receiving votes: House Lannister in Exile, House Tyrell, The Night’s Watch, The Free Folk, House Martell, the Meereenese, The White Walkers, Ser Pounce, Nymeria the Direwolf, Sieges Planned by the Three Stooges, Hippies, Lord Glover Being Absolutely Right about Robb Stark, and a Lannister Always Pays His…ah Shut up Already.

(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe 


(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe

Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Six, “Blood of My Blood”


We’re a day late due to the holiday weekend.  In any event this week was what they call a “table-setting episode.”  And by “they” I mean TV critics with a soft spot for annoying cliches.  Anyway, power rankings:


1. The Faith of the Seven/Faith Militant/Sparrows (Last Week, #3)

The High Sparrow’s journey from barefoot commoner to power behind the Iron Throne would be more inspiring if he weren’t a sanctimonious tosser.  He’s been one step ahead of everyone in King’s Landing this season.  We’ll see if this continues once everyone has finally stopped underestimating him.


2. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Does anyone besides Daenerys even want the Iron Throne anymore?  And if she does get there, who’s going to help temper her more bloodthirsty urges?  It certainly won’t be the thousands of Dothraki that have sworn to kill her enemies and tear down their castles.


3. House Tully (Last Week, #8)

Who here really thinks that the Blackfish is going to be cowed because Walder Frey has his nephew?  The Blackfish doesn’t even like his nephew.  Anyway, the Tullys move up a few spots this week by virtue of just making some moves already.


4. House Stark (Last Week, #6)

Thanks to deus ex Benjen, Bran and Meera live to fight another day.  Arya may be in a bit of trouble, but The Faceless Men are such hypocrites that who knows what they really have in mind.  For all their talk of serving the many-faced-god, they are essentially paid mercenaries and hitmen.

The Others

5. The Others/White Walkers (Last Week, #1)

C’mon horde of the dead.  You had ONE job.  The Night’s King has got to be wondering how many more allies are going to come out of the woodwork to protect Bran.

Night's Watch-2

6. The Night’s Watch (Last Week, NR)

Oh a Valyrian Steel sword, how nice of you.  And lying around for me to take and use on White Walkers!  Thanks!  Now that’s settled, please inform my brother that he is a sweet summer child for thinking that the White Walkers aren’t coming to kill him and turn him into a zombie.


7. House Bolton (Last Week, #5)

Thankfully we’ve been spared a couple of weeks of the show pointlessly reminding us that Ramsay is a crazy person with a lot of power.  I’m confident Jon and Sansa will deal with him eventually, but will it be fast enough?  Winter is coming, after all.


8. House Lannister (Last Week, #4)

It’s safe to say that the Lannister/Tyrell alliance’s reunion will prove to be short lived after that debacle this week.  Jaime may be complaining now, but getting away from his nihilist sister is probably the best thing for him right now.

Also receiving votes: The Meereenese, House Lannister in Exile, House Tyrell, House Arryn, House Martell, House Tarly, House Greyjoy, Ser Pounce, Nymeria the Direwolf, the Faceless Men, Slapping, Belching, and Farting.

(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe