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It is the story that matters. It sustains us.  It moves us forward.  Like the sea it is always in motion.  Like a mountain it is always stationary.  It thrives on common conventions, but comes to life with uncommon character.

(c) 2012 D.G. McCabe


Welcome to Cinema Grand Canyonscope!  Here you will find commentary on film history, film reviews, and under the tab “Creative Writing” you will find fiction, plays, and other projects I’ve completed.  Enjoy!

I chose the name Cinema Grand Canyonscope for the following reasons:

1) To honor my first favorite movie star by referencing the 1954 Donald Duck cartoon “Grand Canyonscope” (c) 1954 Disney.

2) Film is primarily about images, and the image of the Grand Canyon is iconic in its beauty.

Headline photo courtesy National Parks Service.


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