Calm Down: The Timing in Sunday’s Game of Thrones (Season 7, Episode 6) Makes Some Sense

The internet is annoyed at this week’s Game of Thrones timeline. Actually, this week made some sense. Here’s why:

1) They weren’t far from the Wall. Easiest explanation for how quickly Gendry got back to Eastwatch. Let’s say it took him 2 hours to get there.

2) Real birds are fast. Ducks average 50mph and cover 800-1000 miles a day while migrating. Surely a magical messenger Raven in a fantasy series is at least as fast as a duck.

3) Westeros is smaller in the show than the books. Winterfell is 1,000 miles from King’s Landing on the show but more like 3,000 in the books. Let’s say, for sake of argument, Dragonstone is 1,000 miles from Eastwatch. Magic raven gets there in 24 hours. (26 hours total so far).

4) Dragons are magic, but also huge. A 747 (the size of a dragon according to the producers) has a minimum cruise speed of 140mph. A dragon needs to fly at least that fast just to stay airborne. Let’s say a dragon in haste can cruise at 200mph. That’s a 5 hour flight.

In total, they were stranded for 31 hours. Enough time for Thoros to freeze to death. Let’s save our complaints for the giant chains, shall we?

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