Game of Thrones Power Rankings Season 7, Episode 6

I don’t fault anyone who thinks this season is moving way too fast.  However, as Ned Stark once said, anything you say before the word “but” are garbage words.  I am enjoying this season, even if some of the plotlines and interactions are rushed.  I can understand that with the amount of dragons we have this season.  HBO may be rich, but it’s not so rich that it can provide us with hours of actor time AND exciting dragon scenes for several episodes in a row.  But I digress.  Time for power rankings:

1. The White Walkers (Last Week, #3)

Ice dragon?  Ice dragon!

2. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Daenerys still has two fire dragons and a huge army, so that’s one thing.  Even so, I doubt that the wight they captured will be worth the price they paid.  Let’s see, there’s live evidence maybe, just maybe, convincing a murderous queen to stop a self-destructive war vs ice dragon.  Yikes.

3. House Stark (Last Week, #2)

While the Night King is acquiring ice dragons, the Starks are fighting each other.  I’m disappointed that the Stark sisters have backslid into their old, backbiting ways, but it’s not unrealistic or even unexpected.  Littlefinger is playing them sure, but old wounds from childhood run deep.  Also, where is Bran in all of this?

4. The Wildlings (Last Week, NR)

Ice dragon or no, Tormund gets the best lines this week.  For that, his sigil, or what might as well be his sigil, gets returned to the Power Rankings for the first time in a while.

5. The Hound (Last Week, #8)

The Hound gets some great lines too.  The Brotherhood without Banners is just Beric now, so technically they are all dead – like the ice dragon.  However, the Hound being alive means that we might, might get some Clegane Bowl next week!

6. House Lannister (Last Week, #6)

It looks like the final episode will once again make Cersei the center of attention.  Her machinations seem especially pointless now in the face of a bloody ice dragon, but it will be interesting to see how things play out I suppose.

7. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #7)

Speaking of pointless, anyone hear from Euron lately?  I mean, he has a lot of ships, but no ice dragon.

8. The Night’s Watch (Last Week, #4)

A big drop for the boys in black.  Sure they helped send a raven to Daenerys (apparently Fedex overnight raven service is a thing now).  But unless Sam has something in his books telling us how to kill an ice dragon or how to prevent the Night King from creating two more, they whole Night’s Watch endeavor is more useless than Euron Greyjoy’s navy.

Also receiving votes: House Arryn, House Baratheon (run Gendry run!), House Reed, House Mormont, whoever those dead people were in Arya’s bag, Ser Pounce, the Dothraki, synonyms for body parts, oh, and apparently there’s an ice dragon now!

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