Big Little Lies (Review)

With certain exceptions involving dragons and killer robots, HBO has had a lot better luck with miniseries lately that full drama series.  Big Little Lies demonstrates why.  Sure, the limited run allows busy, A-List Hollywood talent to fit it into their schedules, but more importantly, it allows for story that tells what it needs to tell, no more, no less.

I have to admit, around the third episode I was almost ready to give up on Big Little Lies.  The first couple of episodes moved at a glacial pace.  For a show that promised murder and mayhem, the travails of the rich and richer were getting on my nerves.

Fortunately, the series rewarded patience.  Understanding the details of the relationship dynamics between the central characters was crucial to enjoying the last three, phenomenal episodes.  The series had already laid its groundwork in building up its characters in the first half, so it could focus on the plot/endgame during the second.

I, for one, am hoping that HBO does more series like this.  Not everything needs to be a multi-season epic like The Sopranos after all.

(c) 2017 D.G. McCabe