Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Eight, “No One”


It seems a little late in the game for yet another table setting episode, yet here we are.  I’m not sure what the show’s writers have in mind for Jaime’s storyline or the Hound’s, but the pieces are squarely in place for action in Meereen, King’s Landing, and Winterfell over the next two weeks.  Let’s get into the Power Rankings:


1. The Faith of the Seven/Sparrows/Faith Militant (Last Week #1)

Check and mate, Cersei.  For the third week in a row, the High Sparrow has outgunned and outmaneuvered everyone else in King’s Landing.  He’s even cancelled the highly anticipated “Clegane Bowl.”  For those of you not keeping track, this was a widely held fan theory that The Hound would fight the undead Mountain in Cersei’s trial by combat.

2. House Targaryen/House Lannister in Exile (Last Week, #2/NR)

I hope Daenerys isn’t too hard on Tyrion.  If it weren’t for his, albeit temporary, armistice, Meereen would have been put to the sword a while ago.  After all, it takes time to fly north, get kidnapped, escape, and recruit a giant army.  Who else was going to keep the city intact, the charismatic Grey Worm?


3. The Meereenese (Last Week, NR)

Even so, things aren’t looking great for Daenerys.  It wasn’t established this week how far ahead of her army she’s flown.  Also, heavy cavalry aren’t very effective at urban warfare.  If I were her, my play would be to lure the Masters’ army onto the beach and flank them with the Dothraki while the dragons burn their ships behind them.


4. House Greyjoy (Last Week, #4)

Then, once the Masters’ fleet is a smoldering ruin, Daenerys still needs ships.  Fortunately, unbeknownst to her, there is a large fleet already heading her way to lend her a hand.  Isn’t it great that the world on the show is so much smaller than the world in the books?


5. House Bolton (Last Week, #6)

The Bolton’s are still holding steady, and at least we’ve been spared another pointless reminder of Ramsay’s cruelty for another week (I know that I keep saying that, but who disagrees?).  Let’s all hope Jon scores a major come from behind victory next week.  While that seems kind of inevitable, at least we’re due a badass fight episode.


6. House Stark (Last Week, #7)

A girl is Arya Stark, and she is coming to vanquish her enemies.  That is, unless her enemies do the vanquishing before she gets there.  It’s not looking great for Jon and Sansa’s army, since it seems that if they do win, it’ll be with Littlefinger’s help.  And being in Littlefinger’s debt? Yikes.

The Hound

7. The Hound (Last Week, #5)

Revenge is great, but what to do after?  Well I guess you can feel safe hanging out with a guy you’ve already killed once and his band of merry men.


8. House Lannister (Last Week, #8)

Jaime’s anti-climatic victory at least gave us some fun Bronn/Pod interaction.  Otherwise, why exactly did we just spend the last two episodes in the bloody Riverlands?  Maybe just to get Jaime away from Cersei, who at this point is out of options.  Unless she decides to just torch the place.  It’s not like there’s a cache of wildfire underneath King’s Landing that only she knows about or anything….

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