Game of Thrones Power Rankings, Season Six, Episode Five, “The Door”


Now that’s out of the way, Power Rankings:

The Others

1. The Others/White Walkers (Last Week, NR)

Like the orcs in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002), the White Walkers are an army bred for a single purpose – to destroy the world of men.  The Children of the Forest created them with this intention, and clearly lost control at some point.  Now, the fate of the world rests on how fast Meera Reed can pull a sled.


2. House Targaryen (Last Week, #1)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Daenerys has seen her position improve dramatically.  It’s too bad about Ser Jorah though. We may, or may not, see his like again.


3. The Sparrows/Faith Militant (Last Week, #3)

From the previews, it looks like all hell is going to break loose next week between the Faith Militant and the Lannister/Tyrell Alliance.  For the time being, the Sparrows have the upper hand.

4. The Lannister/Tyrell Alliance (Last Week, #4)

One way or another, there’s about to be a bloodbath in King’s Landing. I predict we’ll be seeing this renewed alliance rise in the rankings before it starts breaking apart.


5. House Bolton (Last Week, #6)

The alliance that Jon and Sansa are building has potential, but through threats, fear, and treasons Ramsay has a pretty formidable alliance already in place.  For the moment, he’s in a better spot.


6. House Stark (Last Week, #2)

Potential is all well and good, but there are some problems here.  First, Littlefinger may have planted seeds of doubt in Sansa’s mind.  Second, Arya is on the brink of flunking out of assassin school.  Finally, how in the seven hells is Bran going to get out of this one?

Lannister in Exile-2

7. House Lannister in Exile (Last Week, #7)

Peace is tough, but so far Tyrion seems to be succeeding.  It feels like he’s in the eye of a hurricane though.


8. House Tully (Last Week, NR)

When you start winning battles and start re-taking castles, you get on the Power Rankings for the first time since Season 3.  Sorry Ironborn fans.

Also receiving votes: House Greyjoy, The Meereenese, House Martell, House Tarly, House Arryn, Ser Pounce, Acting Troupes, The Many-Faced God, Equal Opportunity Unnecessary Nudity, and Forgetting for a Moment that You’re the Lord Commander Now.

(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe





(c) 2016 D.G. McCabe

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  1. But how do we know that House Tully did any of the things that Littlefinger said – I think it’s a trap!

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