Games of Thrones Pre-Season 6 Power Rankings

It’s that time of year again!  Time for your weekly Game of Thrones writeup/power rankings.  As a re-cap from last year, and to set the stage for this coming season, I present to you pre-season Power Rankings:


1. The Faith of the Seven/Faith Militant (End of Last Season – #5)

There’s chaos in King’s Landing.  Right now, the High Sparrow has all the cards, and the two most powerful families in Westeros at his mercy.  This being Game of Thrones, this could change any moment, especially with a wounded Cersei back in the Red Keep.


2. House Lannister (End of Last Season – #6)

Even with an ascendant Faith Militant and a weak king, the Lannisters aren’t in a bad position.  Kevan is squarely in charge at the Red Keep, and Cersei has a new, pet monster.  Even Jaime has some additional, although tragic, motivation right now.

The Dothraki

3. The Dothraki (End of Last Season, NR)

Daenerys is currently a “guest” of the horselords.  They aren’t exactly known for their hospitality, even towards widows of dead Khals.


4. House Bolton (End of Last Season, #4)

Even though they just lost two major hostages, the Bolton army mopped the floor with Stannis.  There really isn’t any force in the North to oppose them right now.

Lannister in Exile-2

5. House Lannister in Exile (End of Last Season, #1)

How does someone drop from 1 to 4 when nothing has happened?  The Power Rankings are a fickle mistress.  Besides, Tyrion is about to have a host of problems trying to keep the Meereenese in check.


6. The Meereenese (End of Last Season, NR)

Speaking of which, the Meereenese aren’t going to go away without additional fighting.  The TV version of the Sons of Harpy are a lot more dangerous then their literary counterparts.  In addition, how many Unsullied are there left at this point?  The only reason they are ranked behind Tyrion is because Tyrion is in the big pyramid.  For now.

The Others

7. The Others (End of Last Season, #2)

The dead are coming.  They’re obviously the most dangerous threat in the world but 1) there’s still a big wall between the Realm and the White Walkers and 2) they can’t be #1 every week.  Until they make their move, they’re on the back end of the Power Rankings.


8. House Martell (End of Last Season, #8)

I don’t know what to make of the show’s version of the Martells.  The writers don’t seem to really know what to do with them at this point.  They still control Dorne, so I can’t drop them off the rankings just yet.


9. House Stark (End of Last Season, #3)

Sansa has escaped, but things aren’t looking so great for Arya at the moment.  We’ll see what Bran’s status is once we catch up with him.


10. House Targaryen (End of Last Season, #7)

Daenerys still has a dragon out there somewhere.  Otherwise, she’s as good as dormant until she either gets away from the Dothraki.

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