Fargo – Season 2 – Top Ten Most Bizarre Moments: Part the Ninth

Let it not be said that the Sioux Falls Massacre didn’t live up to its name.  The buildup to the climax of the season, only mentioned in whispers in season one, was almost as perfect as the execution of the scene and the setup for next week’s season finale.  Anyway, top ten:

10. Peroxide and Super Glue

Ouch, that looked really painful.  Also, it’s probably still infected – those scissors were certainly not clean.

9. More Dumb Cops

Especially the big, dumb “my way or the highway” cop.  He wasn’t just dumb, but belligerently dumb.

8. True Crime Stories of the Mid-West

More on the voiceover later, but get a load of that book.  Those drawings were fantastic.  Also, it was kind of cool to see the phony-baloney “this story is true” opening in book form.

7. Low Level Enforcer?  Ouch!

Milligan is only a “low level enforcer?”  And here we were thinking he was a force of nature akin to Malvo.  A pity really.

6. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Revenge for what exactly?  Decades of casual racism?  Hanzee’s motives are left open ended, but he seemed to take sadistic joy in stabbing Floyd.

5. Peggy is Realized

And she like her chips!

4. Bear Attack!

It was kind of crazy when Bear mauls Lou.  Sure we know Lou survives, but he still hasn’t injured his hip yet so it looked like this was the moment.  Turns out that’ll happen next episode.

3. Well, that was a Freebee

Milligan may have gotten a deep burn from the narrator – see above – but it must be satisfying to come to a location and see your enemies laid to waste and your job essentially done for you.

2. Lester Nygaard Returns!

Sort of.  The voiceover was provided by Martin Freeman.  Usually I don’t care for voiceovers in movies or TV shows (even documentaries), but this was one time the device was well utilized.

1. UFO!

Speaking of creative devices, a UFO?!?  It was set up a few times before though so it wasn’t totally out of left field, just far enough out of left field to make a statement on the bizarre and random events of this season.

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