Fargo – Season 2 – Top Ten Most Bizarre Moments: Part the Third

Episode three of this season of Fargo was a lot less humorous than the previous two.  I mean, yikes – the standoff, that ending – great television but not much for a humorous “bizarre moments” post.  Fear not, Fargo fans, we’ll be digging deep here.  But first, videos:

10. Mean, but Polite

Perhaps no line in television history has best summarized passive-aggressive upper midwest behavior like, “It’s the way you’re unfriendly, you’re so polite about it.  Like you’re doing me a favor.”

9. Dead Rabbits

And not the street gang for Martin Scorsese’s under-appreciated Gangs of New York (2002).  But an actual dead rabbit.  Eaten raw.  Yum!

8. Paladin?

Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) has a bit of a vocabulary.  Who knew?

7. Seminars!

FX shows set in this time period apparently love self-help seminars.  Self-help seminars were a major player in the plot of season three of The Americans, and looks like we’ll be attending one in this season of Fargo.

6. UFO’s

Someone call Kang and Kodos?

5. Half a Car

Yeah, I don’t think the KC mob is going to go for a piece of the Gerhardt business either.  There’s going to be some shit going down for sure.

4. But Pa!

I can help!  I don’t need no schooling!  The exchange in the kitchen between middle Gerhardt child/goon and his son reminded me of the little known Henry Fonda vehicle Spencer’s Mountain (1963).

3. Squirrelly Guy

The understatement of the show so far.

2. Squirrelly Guy Morghulis

Here’s what I don’t get.  Other than the sadistic joy, why kill squirrelly guy?  Maybe he goes to the cops, but you can’t just shoot him in the head and then dump the blacktop on him?

1. Worst Cop Ever

What else was the Fargo cop thinking?  Maybe, “I’d rather stab myself with hot pokers than do my job.  Why I’m so scared of these crooks, man.  Maybe I should have listened to my dad and become a circus clown.”

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