Fargo – Season 2 – Top Ten Most Bizarre Moments: Part the First

Fargo – Season 2

Episode One: Waiting for Dutch

With Game of Thrones on hold until April, new television discussion is in order.  What better show to discuss than FX’s “Fargo?”  I was skeptical about the idea at first, but Season One was incredible.  Anyway, like the film Fargo (1996), and anything else in the style of the Coen Brothers, Noah Hawley’s world has plenty of bizarre moments.  Let’s take a look at the top ten from this week’s excellent season premiere:

10. Ziggy!

Is it just me, or did Rye Gerhardt (Kieran Culkin) seem a lot like Ziggy from Season Two of the Wire (James Ransone)?  Too bad he got whacked (twice!) before he could buy a pet duck.

9. Don’t Touch Those Magazines!

At first I thought Peggy Bloomquist (Kirsten Dunst) was a hoarder.  I loved how the episode brought it around by showing the magazines in the car after she ran down Rye.

8. Old Timey Kids Books I Reckon

The book Lou was reading to young Molly is “The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.”  It was published in 1886 (yay public domain!) so you can view it online in several locations.  And yes, it does say, “”Dear me!” ejaculated Mrs. Pepper.”

7. Kansas City Mob Corporate Retreat

Apparently the KC Mob operates a lot like a Fortune 500 company – complete with sales presentations.  Who knew?

6. Oh Those IBM Typewriters

People actually collect these damn things – the cheapest you’ll find online is about $500.  Yikes!

5. Tree Shoe

Ah nothing screams Chekov’s gun like that shoe in a tree.  How did it get there?  What does it mean?  This being a Coen inspired world, the answers could be “who knows” and “who cares.”  I’m suspecting there is more to this shoe tree than meets the eye.

4. Frying Pan?  Really?

You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.  You sure as shit don’t bring a frying pan.  Unless that frying pan is filled with scalding bacon grease, and even then, it’s a 50/50 proposition at best.

3. Casseroles on Fire

For more interesting uses of a culinary torch, check out this fun guide to Creative Uses for a Culinary Torch, from Williams-Sonoma, hawkers of expensive crap.

2. Keep the Camera Rolling?

I loved the cold open – especially the effect of keeping the camera rolling while waiting for Ronald Reagan to get ready.  They probably wouldn’t have wasted precious celluloid like that on the set of a B-movie of that era, but who cares?  The effect was a great setup.

1. Why Didn’t You Call the Cops?

Yes – why didn’t you, Peggy?  You’re a maniac that’s why.  But are you a Malvo or a Lester?

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