True Detective Season 2

Season 2 of True Detective was bad.  It wasn’t bad in the “homage to bad L.A. noir” bad that I thought it might turn into when were halfway through the season.  It was just bad.

What interests me still is why it was bad.  Here are some quick thoughts:

1. Too Many Characters

This one essentially destroyed any sense of emotional investment in the end game.  Characters disappeared who for weeks popped back up as the “big bads” late in the season.  There were a couple of cops that Ray worked with, the Mayor’s son, and some random Mexican gangsters.  Frank may have reaped what he sowed on that last one, but I could care less when the cops ended up being the bad guys.

2. Boring Characters

Ever character was a walking cliche.  The actors did their best with what they were given but good acting can’t save bad writing.

3. Convoluted Plot with No Resolution

Complex plots are a staple of Film Noir, but what separates good Noir from bad Noir is how well the plot is resolved.  This one has plotholes you could drive a semi through.  Case in point – weren’t the Russians and the dirty cops working together?  If so, no consequences for all that case essentially vaporizing between money launderers, Frank’s allies, and those Mexican gangsters?

4. Obviousness

Frank and Ray were obviously going to die.  The shot setup was too ominous in Sunday’s episode for them not to.  This made the last episode needlessly predictable.

Anyway, next article we’ll be back to our fifty state project.  I just couldn’t resist airing my grievances about True Detective.

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