Trainwreck (Review)

Trainwreck is a fun movie.  It isn’t a cerebral comic satire of modern life, it’s an old school romantic comedy.  Or maybe it’s a fun, old school rom-com disguised as a cerebral comic satire of modern life.  Either way, it remains fun, and that’s where we begin our review.

The movie begins with Amy Schumer’s usual shtick.  As anyone who’s watched her show knows, her jokes typically involve pointing out double standards, lampooning ridiculous dating tropes, and making slightly uncomfortable bodily function jokes.  The first twenty minutes play out like a particularly good episode of her show.

The reason why it feels like a particularly good episode of her show is that there are great supporting performances.  Bill Hader does a fine job as her straight-man love interest.  Colin Quinn plays his usual “meathead with a heart of gold,” a role he’s perfected during a long career.

The biggest surprise actually comes from LeBron James.  Although he plays a fictionalized version of himself, he shows some real comic timing.  He shows that when he’s done with his legendary basketball career he has a career path ahead that involves something other than making obvious basketball observations on ESPN.

Now the first twenty minutes may be Schumer’s usual shtick, but the rest of the movie showcases a impressive acting range.  Not all good comedians are good actors, even in rom-coms that seem especially tailored to their skill set, so this is a notable achievement.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that Trainwreck offers a fun escape from the endless parade of action movies coming out this summer.  It’s definitely worth your time.

You might like Trainwreck if: You like classic romantic comedies or Inside Amy Schumer.

You might not like Trainwreck if: You feel a movie isn’t worth your time unless there’s at least one explosion.

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By D.G. McCabe

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