Game of Thrones Power Rankings Season 5, Episode 9

There are now quite a few dead characters in Game of Thrones who are still alive in the books.  The accelerated timeline and narrative changes mean that we have a much, much different story now, so it really has become impossible to guess where the show is going.  That said – power rankings.


1. House Targaryen (Last Week – #2)

The Sons of the Harpy thought they had Daenerys cornered.  They were wrong.  She is now plus one tamed dragon and minus one annoying Hizdaar.  Pretty good for one day.


2. House Martell (Last Week – #4)

Of the Great Houses of Westeros, the Martells are in the best shape.  Doran made clear to his brother’s girlfriend and daughters that he’s not going to take their crap, while at the same time has maintained stability in his principality.

The Others

3. The White Walkers (Last Week – #1)

They can’t be number one every week.  For now they’ve faded back into the snow.


4. The Faith of the Seven (Last Week – #3)

They’re inches away from creating a power vacuum in King’s Landing.  Do they have the ambition to make a play for filling that vacuum?


5. House Bolton (Last Week – #6)

The Boltons are in a better position this week, having forced their enemies to commit unspeakable atrocities in order to have any chance against them.


6. House Lannister (Last Week – #5)

Mission accomplished for Jaime.  At least for the time being.


7. House Stark (Last Week – #7)

Arya is conducting her own investigation.  She might still come back for the Thin Man, but she’s definitely about to cross a name off of her list.


8. The Meereenese (Last Week – NR)

The Sons of the Harpy gave it their best shot.  It isn’t clear that they completely lost.  After all, who knows where Daenerys went on her dragon?

Night's Watch-2

9. The Night’s Watch (Last Week – #9)

How many people did Jon actually save last week?  Five hundred?  It certainly doesn’t seem like it was worth it, despite Sam’s assurances.


10. House Lord of Light (Last Week – #8)

There is no more House Baratheon.

Also receiving votes: House Tyrell, House Greyjoy, big guy vs. little guy, Ser Pounce, oysters, clams, and cockles.


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