Game of Thrones Power Rankings – Season 5 Episode 8

That was by far the best episode of the season – maybe of the entire series.  The events at Hardhome are not seen in A Dance with Dragons, we only hear about them from afar.  This bodes extremely well for future seasons.  Anyway – power rankings!

The Others1. The White Walkers (Last Week – NR)

That’s what the White Walkers can do.  But why?  Who are they?  I put forth a theory in a post during the offseason.

2. House Targaryen (Last Week – #2)

Welcome to the service of House Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister.  Fortunately for you, your new employer recognizes talent when she sees it.

Sparrows-13. The Faith of the Seven (Last Week – #1)

I haven’t forgotten the Sparrows, but since they have neither an army of the undead or dragons they seem a little weaker this week.

Martell-24. House Martell (Last Week – #4)

It’s interesting that Tyrion didn’t list House Martell as one of the potential allies of Daenerys.  They directly control their historical lands, their scions are not in prison, and they have key Lannisters with them as “guests.”  By default, they’re the strongest Great House in Westeros.

Lannister5. House Lannister (Last Week – #10)

It’s true that things couldn’t look worse for the Lannister Twins, but hear me out.  With the reemergence of the reasonable Kevan Lannister to administrate the Seven Kingdoms, House Lannister is in a much stronger position than last week.

Bolton6. House Bolton (Last Week – #6)

It’s stasis for the Rooster this week and that monstrosity he calls a son.  I’m starting to get concerned that the weather will work in their favor, dooming Stannis’ army and allowing them to hang on to Winterfell.

Stark-27. House Stark (Last Week – #9)

Been victimized by an unscrupulous insurance salesman?  Come to the House of Black and White and we’ll give him a “gift.”  And by “gift,” we mean gruesome death.

Baratheon-38. House Baratheon (Last Week – #6)

Stannis just can’t catch a break this season.

9. The Night’s Watch (Last Week – #8)

It really didn’t look like they got a lot of people out of Hardhome.  Anything is better than 50 guys defending the entire Wall I suppose.  At least there is no need for a “join us or die” type speech when death is so obviously the alternative.

Tyrell-210. House Tyrell (Last Week – NR)

House Tyrell’s position is improved by default with Kevan in charge instead of Cersei.  The Lannisters still need them and Kevan will try to strengthen the alliance.

Also receiving votes: House Greyjoy, The Meereenese, Ser Pounce, Night of the Living Dead, The Evil Dead, World War Z, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, Jason and the Argonauts, Fire and Blood.

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