The Game of Thrones Power Rankings Season 5, Episode 6

Game of Thrones is a traumatic experience, but that experience is tempered for those of us who have read the books.  After all, we know the horror is coming – until we don’t.  Last night’s episode chronicled a particularly horrific scene from A Dance with Dragons but replaced a minor character with a main character.  Anyway, if you can stomach them – Power Rankings:

Targaryen-21. House Targaryen (Last Week – #1)

No change here.  Considering how things played out for everyone involved this week, taking a week off was the safest play of all.

Martell-22. House Martell (Last Week – #7)

That was the most ham-handed display of plotting we’ve ever seen on Game of Thrones.  Points to Doran for letting them fight for a minute or two before putting a definitive end to that nonsense.

Sparrows-13. The Faith of the Seven (Last Week – NR)

These guys may look like pawns in Cersei’s plot at the moment, but Cersei hasn’t thought her plot through.  What is going to stop these guys from turning on her at a moment’s notice?

Lannister4. House Lannister (Last Week – #2)

Still, Cersei is still technically in charge.  She probably thinks she has House Tyrell hostage and that she’s cowed her son into submission.  Meanwhile, Jaime may be in a Dornish jail, but Prince Doran is nothing if not reasonable.

Arryn5. House Arryn (Last Week – NR)

Littlefinger’s plan is coming together.  He’s a monster, but his plan is coming together.  The coming battle in the snow is going to weaken both Stannis and Roose Bolton so if he can get the Vale mobilized in time he’ll probably come out on top.

Baratheon-36. House Baratheon (Last Week – #3)

Stannis still has one hell of an army though.  If he smashes the Boltons quickly, it’ll be hard for anyone to take Winterfell after the snow falls.

Stark-27. House Stark (Last Week – 8)

Arya is progressing on her training.  Also, the North Remembers.

Lannister in Exile-28. House Lannister in Exile (Last Week – #10)

Given Tyrion’s penchant for charming all sorts of scumbags and lowlives, I strangely think that he’s in a better position now than when it was just he and Ser Jorah, or Varys for that matter.

Bolton9. House Bolton (Last Week – #4)

I admit there’s a strong emotional pull for putting House Bolton this low in the rankings (or dropping them completely).  Not only are the atrocious beyond words, but they have done nothing to improve their position.  They have two armies heading their way, plus whatever version of the Great Northern Conspiracy the show plays out to deal with, and they don’t seem fazed at all.

The Others10. The White Walkers (Last Week – #6)

Oh yeah.  These guys are still out there, and it’s starting to snow.

Also receiving votes: The Night’s Watch, House Greyjoy, The Free Folk, The Meereenese, House Tyrell, Ser Pounce, Scooby Gangs, Cock Merchants, and Feeling Like Stannis has a Good Point Burning his Enemies Alive if his Enemies are the Boltons and Freys.

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