Game of Thrones Power Rankings – Season 5, Episode 1

And we’re back!  As usual, the first episode of the season was primarily showing us the aftermath of the final events of last season and setting the pieces for the titular “Wars to Come.”  With that said, let’s jump right into the Power Rankings:


1. House Lannister (Preseason Ranking – #1)

Jaime is right.  He was never his father’s biggest fan, but without Tywin scaring everyone in Westeros into their place, Jaime’s son is surrounded by enemies looking for an opening.  Try telling that to his sister – who is still obsessed with Tyrion.


 2. House Tyrell (Preseason Ranking – #3)

First among the enemies plotting against the Lannister twin hegemony is House Tyrell.  Lady Margaery sees an opening and is thinking about how to exploit it.  First she needs an ally.


3. House Baratheon (Preseason Ranking – #4)

Stannis needs a bigger army.  He tried convincing his newly conquered foes to join him through diplomacy, but now he’s trying scaring the living hell out of them.  Even so, he now has a legitimate power base and a plan that goes beyond hanging out on the beach and lighting his allies on fire.


4. House Targaryen (Preseason Ranking – #2)

Who is Daenerys if she can’t control her dragons?  She hasn’t figured that out yet.  Right now, she says that she isn’t a politician, but she’d better start becoming one if she wants to get Meereen under control.


5. House Bolton (Preseason Ranking – #6)

The Rooster has taken residence in Winterfell but he is surrounded by dangerous enemies.  His strongest ally is about to become worm food.  Sure he has an unpredictable psychopath at his side, but he can only rely on that particular tiger for so long before he finds himself eaten.

Night's Watch-2

6. The Night’s Watch (Preseason Ranking – #10)

The Night’s Watch hasn’t chosen its Lord Commander yet, but Jon Snow has the ear of Stannis and the loyalty of his men.  We’ll see what happens but they are in a solid position for the time being.


7. House Martell (Preseason Ranking – #7)

We have to wait until next Sunday to visit Dorne for the first time and learn the next moves of House Martell.  I wish they would have rolled it out in the premiere but I can wait another week (I think).


8. The Meereenese (Preseason Ranking – NR)

Here come the Sons of the Harpy to sow uncertainty and doubt.  The Mother of Dragons has shown she can defeat armies and sack cities, but can she handle guerrilla resistance?


9. House Arryn (Preseason Ranking – #5)

What is Littlefinger up to? He’s left the Lords of the Vale with the unenviable task of training Robin Arryn and left with Sansa to parts unknown.  Can we even describe him as in control of these guys anymore?

Lannister in Exile-2

10. House Lannister in Exile (Preseason Ranking – #8)

For Tyrion’s sigil, I’ve flipped the Lannister colors in the tradition of rebel houses in Song of Ice and Fire.  I’ve also changed the “house words” to the unofficial Lannister motto since it better suits Tyrion.  That being said, he’s not going to find what he’s looking for in the bottom of a bottle.

Also receiving votes: House Stark, House Greyjoy, the White Walkers, the Free Folk, Ser Pounce, Pod’s magic pod, and too much information about a month in a box.

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4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Power Rankings – Season 5, Episode 1”

  1. Some awesome rankings there. At this point, I think it is the Khaleesi’s game to lose. Sure, the Mother of Dragons has some rebellious kids to get under control but on the flip side…no one else has any dragons, so she has a leg up whether they behave or not.

  2. House Stark should be on the list. The patriarch is going to be a wizard and the two sisters may unite houses to help them.

  3. Right now is a bit of a low point in their power. All three remaining Starks are in training to various extents. They’ll be back on the top ten soon enough – after all winter Is truly coming now!

  4. She’s in a strong position, but very preoccupied with Meereen and Slaver’s Bay. She might have bitten off more than she can chew by staying there are trying to rule.

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