2015 Oscar Nominations – Snap Reactions

Here are my initial thoughts on this morning’s announcement:

  • I wonder if American Sniper would have gotten its nominations if it had been released in, say, April.  I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on its merits, but it hasn’t gotten a lot of buzz from the other award groups (the HFP shut it out of the Golden Globes).
  • Ditto the Lego Movie, on the opposite.  If it were an April release instead of a January/February release, that’s how it gets nominated.
  • Selma was shut out of the acting and directing categories.  Again, I haven’t seen it yet, but this seems odd given the accolades it’s getting (it’s astronomical on Rotten Tomatoes), this puzzles me.  The Academy hasn’t lost its taste for portrayals of historical figures (see well deserved nominations for Redmayne and Cumberbatch).
  • The Best Actor category is wide-wide open.
  • Best Picture is an interesting one this year, but Boyhood has a ton of momentum.

Anyway with the Golden Globes behind us, the next real Oscar bell-weather is the SAG awards on the 25th.  We should get some information as to potential winners then.

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