Boardwalk Empire, Season 5, Episodes 4-5

I didn’t write a recap last week for two reasons.  First, I watched the episode on my DVR around mid-week, so I missed the window for a write-up.  Second, nothing much happened in episode 4 except for the death of a tertiary character.

This entire season of Boardwalk Empire has been about as exciting as twenty minutes of Game of Thrones.  The slow build doesn’t feel like a series finale – it feels like this show has four more seasons left to tell its story.  That being said, a few things actually happened this week that could change things.

The flashbacks of young-adult Nucky are already far more interesting than the flashbacks of the child Nucky (did we need creepy child-Nucky? not really).  His father in law pegged him perfectly as a smooth silverfish – and failed to consider that silverfish are exceptionally well equipped survivors.

Nucky has always been at his best when he’s in a dark corner, fighting for his survival.  The same can be said for Margaret, although not so much for Eli or Chaulky.  The reckoning appears to be coming for both of them, as well as Nelson Van Alden.

We know Luciano wins, but does Nucky survive Luciano’s inevitably victory?  Will Chaulky take his revenge?  Will Eli and Van Alden die at Capone’s hand?  Why does Terrance Winter think we still care about Gillian?  Three more episodes to find out.

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