Boardwalk Empire, Season 5, Episode 2

Nucky says he is getting too old for this pile of donkey byproducts.  “Year after year, different dogs, same fucking bone,” he says to Johnny Torrio. I for one think he’s full of crap.  He’s had many, many opportunities to get out of the business that we know about, and probably a few more that presented themselves during the time skip.

You would think that after all of this time, Meyer and Charlie would have learned that its best to just ignore Nucky, and let him go about his business in his deteriorating swamp of a city.  Then again, he has been a thorn in their sides seemingly forever.

Boardwalk Empire gives us a Lansky and Luciano team that is incessantly scheming, always trying to get another piece of the pie.  As of right now, they are far more interesting than the show’s version of Al Capone, who has devolved into a drunken psychopath.

It’s not hard to speculate on what Van Alden did to get demoted so far down the ladder of Capone’s organization.  Last season he seemed on his way to joining Capone’s inner circle, now he seems like a middle-manager.  You would think that Capone’s team would have learned to make better use of Van Alden’s complete lack of empathy for other human beings.

As for Gillian – why is she still on the show again?  She and Margaret are loose threads right now, seemingly still only on the show to honor Gretchen Mol and Kelly MacDonald’s contracts.  I hope that the writers can bring their stories back around to the central story, which is currently a sausage party.

Finally, I’m interested to see if Willie was really lying to that judge about hating Nucky.

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