Boardwalk Empire – Season Five, Episode One

So that was different, and by different I mean pretty bizarre.  In last night’s chronicle of the continuing adventures of Nucky Thompson, we come across our hero getting “The Godfather: Part II (1974)” treatment.  We see Nucky as a young boy, and as an older man in Cuba trying to set up a business deal.

The scenes in Cuba are great, but I wasn’t a fan of the “young Nucky” sequences.  After four seasons the audience knows enough about the character to avoid such deep-dive flashbacks.  Especially when there is so much ground to cover in an eight episode final season.

There are too many unanswered questions to really enjoy the re-visiting of Nucky’s misguided youth.  Why is Chaulky in jail? What has Margaret been doing since Rothstein died?  Why is she still on the show?  Did anyone catch that Rothstein is dead?

Likewise, we all know Charlie “Lucky” Luciano becomes powerful, and killing Joe the Boss is the last step in his accession to Mafia overlord.  Still, how did he get into position to be able to kill Masseria?

Last night’s episode left us with far more questions than answers – which will keep me tuning in next week.  I’m just concerned that the series’ usual “slow burn” style will be problematic with only seven episodes left.

Random Thoughts:

  • I assume that Gretchen Mol will be doing more than just giving voice overs of old poems from Nucky’s creepy childhood.
  • Oh the Commodore.  Add needlessly teasing poor children to the laundry list of his despicable acts.  At least we know his ultimate, and deserved, fate.
  • Somehow the violence on Boardwalk Empire is still the most brutal on television.  I think it is because on a show like, say Game of Thrones, extreme violence is expected, on Boardwalk Empire it is often surprisingly graphic for a show as slow and stylized as it is.

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