Game of Thrones, SPECIAL Season 4 Episode 9 Power Rankings

By D. G. McCabe

This week’s episode didn’t lend itself well to traditional power rankings.  After all, once we get past the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings there isn’t anything that’s different from last week.  So, for your consideration – the top ten most awesome moments from last night’s amazing hour of television:

10. Sam finds Janos Slynt hiding in a corner.

One would commonly say “cowering like a little girl,” but “little girls” on this show end up building dragon fueled empires and stabbing their way through the Riverlands.  This means we have a new, less chauvinist saying – cowering like a Janos Slynt.

9. Tormund takes out Ser Allister.

Although I liked Ser Allister’s exchange with Jon Snow (you hate me, I hate you, but we both hate them), I like Tormund Giantsbane more.  After all, he was still fighting after getting pierced with a ton of arrows.

8. Mammoths! Giants! Fire!

As many have speculated, yes, we didn’t see much of the dragons this year because the GoT team was saving their special effects budget for last night.  Great work everyone!

7. Ygritte’s monologue at the beginning.

Sure she dies later, but it looked like she was going to stab Styr right then and there.

6. Giant bowman.

Don’t worry guy who got thrown over the wall by a giant’s arrow – Janos Slynt says giants don’t exist!

5. The stand at the gate.

If that giant got through and opened the gate it was bye bye Night’s Watch.

4. The ice scraper

The Wall defends itself.  But it always helps when you have a giant anchor to nudge it along.

3. Ghost!

So it took you HOW long to remember that you have two hundred pound killing machine at your disposal?

2. Sam the slayer returns.

Sam finally lost his craven streak this episode – hopefully for good.  He’s got a good thing going with those crossbow skills.

1. Jon Snow kills Styr with a hammer.

With a hammer!

Also receiving votes: Everyone who realized, oh crap, that’s right, Mance has another 90,000 troops!

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