Actual News! HBO Rollout Info

By D.G. McCabe

So just a quick post today, but it contains actual news about shows that I write about.  First, Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 6, 2014.  I guess that means it’s unlikely that we’ll get Winds of Winter before Season 4 of the show, since book release dates are usually announced a few months in advance.  Still hoping for it by summer, and George R.R. Martin’s schedule looks kind of clear on his website (  I guy can dream I suppose.

Speaking of HBO’s rollout yesterday, it appears that Boardwalk Empire will be wrapping up this fall.  It isn’t surprising considering the story arc this year.  Every season finale except the first one could have doubled for a series finale, but they wrapped up a lot of loose threads at the end of this season.  Hopefully the final season will be focused on a few detailed character/story arcs rather than the hodgepodge we saw this season.

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