Boardwalk Empire – Season Wrap Up

By. D.G. McCabe

This article is a week late, so I’m just going to give some quick reactions then get onto a review of a movie that I recently saw in theaters.

– I really don’t understand why television critics find Nucky Thompson to be such a boring character.  Whenever you think he has become a complete monster, he surprises you.  For instance, I thought for certain that he had Eli killed, but instead has had him shipped out to Chicago to hang out with Al Capone and Nelson Van Alden.

– As much as I’ll miss Richard Harrow, there really wasn’t much left for the character to do.  I still wish they hadn’t written him out in such an agonizing way, but the more I think about it the more it fits the character.

– Season 4 was probably the best season of Boardwalk Empire, at least since season one.

Anyway, more recaps and analysis next season!

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