Boardwalk Empire, Season 4 So Far

By D.G. McCabe

I’m a little behind on my writeups for the continuing adventures of Nucky Thompson.  This is going to be short one just to get back on track.

So here is a list of five observations:

1. You should never, never, never underestimate Chaulky.

2. Nucky may have overcome his tragic flaw from seasons past (his tendency to get sentimental and lose focus), but with every solution there are new problems.  He just seems detached from everything at this point.

3. We still don’t know how some of these storylines relate to the main story.  The Chicago, Richard, Gillian, and now, Margaret stories are mostly disconnected from everything else that’s going on.

4. Narcisse is not unstoppable.  Indeed, his biggest flaw is his massive ego, which can be exploited pretty easily in the right hands.

5. We still don’t know what the end game is for this season.  Some of the dangling threads can be tied up quickly, some not so much.  One could argue that whereas last season was too singularly focused, this season is all over the place.  Still, it’s been enjoyable so far, and I like the unpredictable aspects.

More on Sunday night!

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