Game of Thrones Season Three, Episode 3 House/Order Power Rankings

By D.G. McCabe

And we’re back for week 3!  Not much movement this week, unless you count the movement of the Kingslayer’s hand from his arm.  Not that he didn’t deserve it, after all Bran still can’t walk.  Jaime would have lose the use of another limb to even that score.  Anyway, power rankings:

1. House Targaryen (Last week – #2)

I’m still on “A Clash of Kings” book-wise, but I have this sneaking suspicion Daenerys’ constantly promised “taking what is mine with fire and blood” is very close to coming to fruition.  With everyone else defending their positions, fleeing the Others, or wandering around in the woods, it’s good to see someone about to take charge and do some conquering.

2. House Tyrell (Last Week – #1)

They get bumped down by virtue of not showing up this week.  We’ll see how their scheming continues to develop next week, at least if the previews are any indication.

3. House Stark (Last week – #3)

Honestly, Arya got a tasty looking bread wolf, and that alone keeps House Stark in the #3 spot for the week.

4. The Free People (Last Week – #5)

Onward to the Wall I suppose, but at least they’re all still in one piece…

5. House Lannister (Last Week – #4)

Which is more than I can say for Jaime.  Tyrion may be in over his head (for the moment) as well, since he has the reasonable fear that the Iron Bank of Braavos is about to come and break his thumbs.  I suppose they’re still “in charge” for what it’s worth, but you don’t move up the power rankings by losing hands or attracting the ire of loan sharks.

6. The Brotherhood without Banners (Last Week – #6)

I like Thoros of Myr, and Arya has had good luck so far with free city folk from across the Narrow Sea.  They just need to figure out what to do with that stray dog they found.

7. The Night’s Watch (Last week – #7)

I really wish Samwell had chopped Craster’s head off.

8. House Tully (Last week – not ranked)

Catelyn is having some troubles, and Edmure is a pain in the butt.  Still, the Blackfish lights a mean funeral pyre, and I have this suspicion that Lyssa is about to make Littlefinger “fly.”

Also receiving votes: House Greyjoy, House Baratheon, bizarre punk rock remixes of minstrel songs, the fabulous order of (now) Tyrion’s ho’s, and squeaky stone floors.

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