Game of Thrones Season Three, Episode 2 – House/Order Power Rankings

By D.G. McCabe

And so we have week 2 of the third season, and things have shuffled around a bit in our House/Order Power Rankings.

1. House Tyrell

Why number one so soon?  First, they’re prying Joff the Bastard away from Cersei by playing on his chauvanism and stupidity.  Second, they’re making an ally of Sansa Stark.  Third, it should be pointed out that Highgarden supported the Mad King until the very end, and if there’s anything we learned about Game of Thrones, it’s that vengeance simmers for a long while.  The Tyrell’s aren’t apt to forget which house is responsible for the Mad King’s ultimate demise.

2. House Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons made no appearance this week, but sometimes no news is good news.  She’s still out there.

3. House Stark

Arya is out of practice with her sword, although hopefully her new friends can correct that.  Robb is on the way back to Riverrun, Catelyn is miserable, and Jon Snow is still trying to get his feet grounded with his wildling companions.  Sansa and Bran made positive progress, but only so far as meeting new potential allies.   Still, in this world, meeting new allies is a rare and valuable asset.

4. House Lannister

They’re still squarely in charge for the time being, although quickly being pushed aside by the Tyrells.  Still, the Kingslayer’s been recaptured, Tyrion is on the sidelines, and, where exactly is their army?

5. The Free People

Mance Rayder has united a ton of warring tribes, which is quite the accomplishment.  Still there isn’t much to be said as to what he plans to do with his tribes other than vaguely, “head south.”  Can Jon Snow talk some strategy into the cagey King Beyond the Wall?  We’ll see.

6. The Brotherhood without Banners

What to make of Arya’s new friends?  It’s hard to tell so far, but they’ve made the power rankings just by capturing the Hound.

7.  The Night’s Watch

Somehow they’re in worse shape than last week.  I don’t mean just “out of shape” like poor Samwell Tarly.

8. House Greyjoy

If any other character were being tortured, I would feel at least little bad for them.  Theon…yick.

Also receiving votes: House Baratheon, Fire Priestesses, House Tully, Wargs, Grumkins, and Snarks.

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