World of Film – Choose the Best Movie from Every Continent!

So the other day I had an idea – a six movie marathon of the best films from each inhabited continent.  For the purposes of this exercise, Europe are separated from Asia, US and Canada are separated from Latin American, and I’m limiting it to only two films per director.

First the easy ones.  For decades movies were expensive to make, but even more expensive to market and distribute on a global basis.  This immediately put industrialized countries at an advantage in film output, especially the United States.  So the U.S. and Canada is a logical place to begin.  The only Canadian film on this list, Mon Oncle Antoine (1971), has been twice voted by Sight and Sound Magazine as the greatest Canadian film.

Europe comes next, since France alone has put output almost equal to that of the United States.

Asia is next, home of the vibrant Japanese, Hong Kong, and Indian film industries.

Now we’re getting outside my comfort zone a bit, with the greatest Australian/New Zealander films.  It should be noted that a lot of American productions have been filmed in these countries and the only one of those films on the list is Moulin Rouge! (2001) which of course was directed by Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann.

Latin America is next, which I had to do a bit of research on (thanks to some Facebook friends too).  A note – Black Orpheus (1959) was a French production but it was filmed in Brazil, in Portuguese, and with Brazilian actors.

Finally, we have the best African films.  There are a lot of great films set in Africa, but this list is exclusive to films by African filmmakers (although the Battle of Algiers was a joint Algerian/Italian production).  The list is compiled from very few sources so feel free to dispute if I’m missing one or two classics.

Looking forward to the results!

(c) 2013 D.G. McCabe