Oscars 2013 – Snap Reactions

The 2013 Oscar nominations were today.  I haven’t seen all the movies so I can’t comment on the merits of most of the selections.  However, there are a few observations that I can make:

– No real surprises with most of the picture or acting nods.  If I knew more about the movies or cared what the critics think I could probably squeeze out a few snubs.

– The directing category has been a bit maligned from what I’ve read today. The Academy could end up giving it to Haneke as kind of a lifetime achievement award or to Spielberg for Lincoln.  Any of the other nominees would be a surprise since 1) the Academy rarely rewards newcomers (sorry Benh Zeitlin), and 2) it’s tough for me to image The Life of Pi or Silver Linings Playbook winning best picture, or even finishing in the top 3, so I can’t imagine either of them winning best director.  They may be fine films (I haven’t seen either) but they seem to lack the Hollywood inside baseball clout needed to mount an upset win, in that they have already been out for some time and haven’t caught much buzz.

– Speaking of Hollywood inside baseball – we now know why they added a subpar and unnecessary song to Les Miserables.  After all, none of the other songs would qualify for Oscars because they aren’t original (ditto for Les Miserables’ score), so they were fishing for an statute.

– It’s a tough year to call, but I think Tarantino wins for best original screenplay.  The voters will want to make up for him not getting a best director nomination.  Also Amour wins Best Foreign Language film in a walk, since that is what usually happens when a foreign film is nominated for best picture.

That’s it for now, more after I’ve seen more of these movies!

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3 thoughts on “Oscars 2013 – Snap Reactions”

  1. I could easily see Silver Linings Playbook picking up one of the acting nods, probably Best Actress. Not only is it a great movie, it fits with Ricky Gervais’s idea that you are more likely to get an Oscar if you play a character with a mental illness. I mean, he wasn’t as PC as that, but you get the idea.

  2. I think Jennifer Lawrence is the favorite to win Best Actress. To me, the most interesting race is for Best Supporting-Actor

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